Tonight I put together covers for 4 more books.

Newly covered book covers ready for the next step in the process.
Newly covered book covers ready for the next step in the process.

Two are fabric covered with the same sheer and thin polyester, so I was concerned about transparency and glue soaking through. General messiness. There was experimenting with the bonding material! Fortunately, it seems to have worked. The vibrant colors and brushstroke look of the fabric is offset by hot coral and mustard yellow endpapers that make for a mismatched set. I haven’t thought too much about the signature treatment or stitching [too concerned about the covers working!]. So that will be some fun design and color play.

Next, I bought a funky road map and made the focus of the front cover the state of Colorado. It has those lovely retro colors and cool graphic design. Just fun! The endpapers are an inset of the Denver metro area circa 1995 and the map legend listing all the great cities in the western US. Makes me want to take a road trip!

Lastly, I created some rather wild patterned paper with stencils I made. Black paper for the base with overlays of aqua, red orange and sand. The patterning looks something like sea anemone. That shape and the colors are repeated on the endpapers that are made from sand colored wrapping paper with a black geometric pattern. So far, it’s pretty trippy!

It’s been lots of fun to design each element of the books. Since I am learning construction techniques and trying to perfect my stitching, the format has stayed consistent. The uniqueness is in the choice of papers, threads and signature treatments.

Pretty soon I am going to start exploring book formats…this is so exciting!

Can’t get enough.