The New Year is always a time of reflection and intention. While the turn of the calendar year creates an opportunity for new beginnings, it is only a marker of time. The real beginnings start with action toward your intentions. The commitment to doing the work.

With lots of new ideas for the direction I want my business to move toward, I have been overwhelmed with ideas and possibilities. There has been quite a bit of time spent researching areas of interest and ways to move along the path toward new goals. The time planning and researching allows for some distillation to reach the purest form of what I am after. But at some point, you have to stop planning and start doing.

While this can be daunting, it’s important to start the work. It doesn’t all have to be perfectly coalesced before beginning. There’s lots of joy in seeing the progress of a project. And, ultimately, once I am moving in the right direction, it’s easy to go back and fine tune as I move along.

I have a plan for the New Year and I am working to make it a great year. I intend to enjoy every step.

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Commitment to change – a new beginning in a New Year.