Part of my efforts to create something every day have focused on my desire to get back to drawing and illustration. Art school was more than 30 years ago [gasp!] and a fair amount of the materials have changed since then. Hardly anyone is still using sticks on cave walls anymore.

In making cards and doing collage work, I have started to use some of these new materials, but they tend to be spendy. So, the more informed I can be about the materials before I buy them, the better.

To that end, I have enrolled myself in an online course that emphasizes creativity and looseness, finding your ‘inner voice’ and experimenting with media. It also comes with a lesson [or several] a week to keep you spurred on. The idea is to create a painting a week, bind them into a book at the end of the year and have a record of your creative growth over the course of 52 weeks. Sound like a great creative New Year’s resolution, right?

I hope to use the new techniques and discussion of materials to get back into illustration. Although it sounds like a step way from bringing all my creative endeavors together, I think it will be a great link that unites my efforts. And I am thrilled with this little structured push and inspiration!

Facing Challenges.