No. 1. since it’s the first in this new exploration of painting and illustration.

Starting a new adventure can be a daunting thing. There are the unknowns, of course. But sometimes, there’s the known entity — me — which makes things a challenge. My natural tendency is to get fired up, fully invested, do things for awhile and then let them fade away. I think it’s a natural tendency, especially if I find that the new pursuit isn’t what I hoped it would be.

So right now, I am working on that aspect of my personality. Make a commitment and stay with it for long enough to make it a habit. My general effort for the year is to be the better part of myself. It’s something I have been working on for quite some time, and as you’d suspect, it’s a challenge!

Anyway, here’s my first illustration.

An aspirational self-portrait.
An aspirational self-portrait.

Some of the techniques and ideas I incorporated from the online class include:
° using under painting to create a basis of color that permeates layers
° being loose — ha!
° working within a set palette from color theory — here, the primary colors
° accepting imperfection as part of the process
° art play as a learning mechanism

Kinda looks like me — maybe the better part of me. So I guess it meets part of the objective. It was a fun painting to do. And didn’t take very long. I like the graphic aspect of it. There are some things I see that maybe I will work on. But as a first step back into illustration, I am happy with the results.